Personal Shopping Service

Our aim is to bring fashion to you. It can be so hard to get those special items, those unique pieces that seem impossible to obtain. There’s missing pieces in everyones wardrobe so let us complete your puzzle. Leave all the stress of running around, making endless calls and hours of searching online to us. It’s done in 3 easy steps…


Fill out our request form and please provide as much detail as possible. If you have a picture of the item, send that too, you can upload pictures of the desired item(s) on the form. Please fill out as many fields as possible


You’ll receive a confirmation email stating we have received your request. Now the quest begins… Our team will use all our resources in the fashion industry, whether it be retail or private collectors to track down your item. Once it’s found we’ll be able to contact you to proceed with the purchase.


Once you’ve paid for the item, we’ll ship it to you (or a lucky person if a gift) and literally bring fashion to your door.